Friday, July 17, 2009

I wanna do it like we used to do it.

Just get drunk and fuck. A lot.

Like when my friend D had that tequila party. The deal was you had to bring a bottle of tequila—any kind, shape, size, whatever—to get into the party. And no two for one bullshit. Each person had to have their own individual bottle.

I brought a bottle of Cuervo. It’s all I really knew at the time, and definitely all I could afford. I walked over to the party which was on the furthest reaches of campus.

It was a surprisingly cool party. Everything was midnight blue and darker.

I ended up in the basement with a sorority girl that I’d fucked for the first time the weekend prior. She was a sexy little thing, with a tight body and lots of curly, blond hair. “Don’t mess with Texas” is what I called her.

But her and I ended up in the basement of the tequila party. She was sitting on a countertop, and I was standing in between her legs. She was wearing a small skirt. I touched her through her panties. They were soaking wet.

I pushed up against her. I pulled my hard cock out of my overalls (hey, it was the ‘90s. Sue me) and rubbed it against her vulva. She moaned in my ear.

“Don’t you DARE fuck me here,” she sighed breathlessly. The basement was almost pitch dark, with a dim black light in the corner providing the only light. I moved in closer. I pulled her panties aside. And I slid inside her dewy yum yum.

“Don’t you DARE cum inside me,” she moaned, as I subtly thrust into her chewy strawberry swirl. Knowing that people were standing just a few feet away from us turned me on like craaaaazy.

I think she was feeling it too. She put her head down, wrapped a hand around my neck and ground her pussy down onto my dick. This went on for about 20 minutes.

I barely remember us stumbling across campus to her sorority house, laughing and taking swings from our almost empty bottles of tequila.

We fucked like dogs in her bed, until I finally came with a sharp, almost painful orgasm deep inside her little vagina. There was a rubber in between us, obvs. I kind of remember a couple of her sorority sisters trying to sneak in to watch. Texas and I both noticed them, but played it off. We were full-blown porn stars that night, baby. They left in a flurry of shocked giggles right after I came.

I also distinctly remember leaving the condom under her bed because I was too tired to try and find the bathroom naked in some Greek house.

Texas and I eventually both passed out, stinking drunk.

I woke up in the wee morning hours, and took probably the happiest walk of shame home of my entire life. There's something magical about a college campus at dawn. Plus you see the craziest shit.

That was a good really good day. I would imagine raisin French toast from Angelo's was involved.

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