Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Making myself sick

Weird one last night.

I was doing coke (obvs) and trolling the internet for porn. The usual.

After I got off (thanks, Sativa Rose. Damn girl you are NASTY), I found myself wandering around aimlessly.

Somehow I found a list of the most disturbing movies of all-time.

The hands-down winner (according to most reports, anyway) is this movie called "Salo."

"Salo" is some out of control shit. In a nutshell, these crazy Nazis hire some psychos to kidnap a bunch of people and bring them back to their lair. There they subject the kidnapped to all sorts of really vile degradation. It starts with extreme sexual torture before moving into scat orgies and ultimately dismemberment and death. There is no happy ending. No one gets out alive. It's all bad.

I found one review that even had a picture. It was of one of the torture victims having his tongue cut out. Even though it was filmed in 1975 and should be cheesy, it isn't. It's horrifying and made me totally gag and almost puke on my computer.

I stumbled into the bathroom, feeling all tingly and hot. I wretched a few times, but never fully lost it.

I was able to get a glass of water in me and calm down. I smoked a few bowls, watched the most mindless shit I could on TV, and was eventually able to fall asleep.

I am not a fan of any of that kind of shit at all. Yeah, I like to get down and dirty, but it's always about having a GOOD time. I mean, I can't even watch movies like "Saw" and shit. It's all just too much.

If you can sit through stuff like "Salo," I'm seriously scared of you.

I imagine Sasha Grey just masturbates to filth like this. I mean, that's how she comes off, anyway.

Who the fuck knows?

I'm just waiting for "Orgy World 6" to show up in the post. Now that will be a good day.

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