Thursday, July 9, 2009

What she said

1. "Wait, I know, today I wanted someone to follow me off the freeway and rape me."

Oh, xTx. You always know just what to say...

Monica Bellucci Rape Scene - Movie clip Videos

2. I saw Sex Bomb for a moment this morning.

She left some clothing at my house last week during our naked battle royale and wanted it back for a trip she's taking this weekend.

So we met on the street. She was coming from dropping a kid off at camp. I was going to work and avoiding croissant sandwiches from Burger King.

She was dressed down but still looked so fucking hot. She looks older than she should in the face. I'm sure all those years of partying haven't helped. Lines on her face are definitely visible in the light of day. And they only make her more beautiful.

We embraced and cheek-kissed. She promised that we would get together and "party" when she gets back.

It's time to stock up on the vodka, cocaine and clean bandages. I can't wait.


xTx said...

okay. dude. seriously? where's part 2 of that shit?

That Guy said...

I know right?!?!?

I've been scouring the net to no avail. I guess you'll just have to rent 'Irreversible.' I ended up buying the damn thing. Hardcore.