Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Coke

Instead of hitting up my usual (read: cheaper) coke dealer, I decided to hit up my old-school guy. He’s the one that charges $15 more than my regular dude, but it’s usually better blow.

So I did a couple of lines about five minutes ago and already I know I made the right decision. This stuff is definitely better. I can feel the hairs on my arms tingling. I’m buzzing pretty good.

I just ordered up a new stack of porn DVDs. We have “Rocco Super Moto Hard,” which features an amazing orgy scene where queen Belladonna gets thoroughly fucked by Rocco.

The eloquently titled “Big Black Beef Stretches Little Pink Meat 2” was ordered for an interracial scene with the infamous Isabella Soprano, of HBO’s “Cathouse” fame (the one I would totally pay to fuck at the Bunny Ranch. But word on the street is that she’s all strung out and totally out of the game now).

The third is “Interracial Booty Patrol 3,” since Vol. 2 has proven to be a winning purchase.

I’m psyched to see them all, and it’ll be great to have some more Belladonna at my disposal.

I’ve always had a love for her. She’s always hot, but I loved it when she shaved her head. I was lucky enough to meet her when she first buzzed it off. It was at a cool Hollywood pool party, and she showed up with a couple of people (one was a dude I’ve seen in a million pornos).

Of course I had to talk to her. She was surprised that I recognized her with no hair. She was super-nice. We chatted for a minute, and I left her alone. We sort of ran into each other a couple of times, and by the end of the day she gave me her number and said we should hang out sometimes (true story!). That’s when she was living with fellow porn babe Callie Cox. Sadly, I had a girlfriend at the time and was unable to do anything about it. Regrets? Oh yes.

When I was single, I desperately rang the number, but she’d already changed it. Drats. Foiled again.

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