Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Speaking of cocaine…

I’m re-upping my supply tonight, and this time from my regular dealer. He’s been MIA lately, so I had to resort to my back-up dealer, which has been a hassle. This one is further away, charges $15 more per gram, and his stuff is a little too tweaked-out for my tastes.

But my primary dealer finally got back to me, and we’re connecting tonight. I usually just get a gram at a time, but as he’s going out of town until next week (and I have a potential coke slut on the line for this weekend), I’m going to double up. We haven’t moved up to 8-ball territory—yet.

I’ll also be sure to grab an eighth of weed while I’m there. He’s always got some nice buds on hand. Goooood times.

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