Friday, June 19, 2009


She’s young, no more than 23. Recently graduated from USC. Bottle blond, and a good 12 pounds heavier than what’s considered acceptable in most of greater Los Angeles, with nice fat tits on top.

Not very sophisticated, as best evidenced by the garish manner in which she wears her make-up. But she’s as genuine as a beautiful day, and right now her attention is focused on you.

“I’ve always loved your writing,” she coos.

This is the kind of fuel you respond to well. You feel the confidence rising. You could totally fuck this sweet young girl. You could pin her to her ratty little post-collegiate couch, legs pushed back over her head, and just hump to your heart’s content.

You feel your penis begin to thicken. The better for gagging her with, you think to yourself as she smiles and invites you out to the bar. You notice that while she was in the bathroom, she’s swept her hair dramatically to one side. On closer inspection, she resembles Drew Barrymore in the original “Poison Ivy” movie.

“I’m ready for the bar now,” she laughs. “See? I did my hair special and everything.”

You play it cool, talk to some other people, drink a little more wine.

Later, she hugs you and says it was great to see you. You return the sentiment.

As you’re walking to your desk, you see her talking to Paul. She’s showing him how she did her hair special for the bar. You smile to yourself.

This is going to be one interesting summer.

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