Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chunky Pool Party (Skin Tight)

I knew this DVD would be lame. But it was so cheap I thought I'd take a chance just in case it wasn't. Oh well.

I mean, I like big chicks. We've made that perfectly clear. But the bitches in this video are just sloppy and pretty hit-up.

Zarah Stone, The babe in the first scene looks OK, but then you see her big belly and all of those stretch marks. It looks like she just had a kid. Plus the scene is just so uninspired. She gets fucked by this weird French guy next to a swimming pool. There are some kind of hot moments when he's giving it to her doggy and pulling her hair, but nothing special. During the behind the scenes footage, it's revealed that it pissed her off when he gave her a couple of light slaps to the face.

The next scene is a sloppy black chick named Skyy with floppy tits. The scene is eh. Her tits jump nicely during fucking. I pretty much skipped over it. Sorry.

Ginger Jones, the slut in the next scene is all messed up. Just really fat, with a big hanging gut. Although she does get into her scene, and takes cock like a whore. She's the oldest of the bunch, and looks like she's vaguely Asian or something. When she's on her back getting drilled, she doesn't look that bad. In the behind the scenes section, you also see the movie's 'hostess,' Domenica Leoni, the only skinny chick in the whole thing, totally masturbating just off camera in what looks like an attempt to help the dude get off. Weird, but hot.

Next up is Grace, who is much more my speed. A classic short, fat chick with a big round belly. None of this sagging shit. She does a lot of cock-sucking in the pool house. It takes a while for her to bust out the nice chubby tits, but out they come. She looks fucking hot bent over the couch getting railed like a St. Bernard. Her Orca-sized ass is a real turn-on. I blew some lines and got some good strokes out of that part. She takes it real good on her back, too. She wears goggles when dude fires a sizable load on her mug.

Grace reminds me of this fattie I used to fuck a few years back. She was pretty big, but boy was she a nympho. She's the one chick in the world I've fucked up the ass (and it felt good, too).

She would let me do pretty much whatever I wanted to her. The fucking was great, but I couldn't really put up with her in general. I wasn't trying to be her boyfriend, and she eventually got sick of just being my fuck-toy.

Overall, this DVD works in a pinch. But it's pretty much the lamest pool party video I've ever seen.

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