Thursday, August 20, 2009

Throwdown kinda bitch

Having a semi-delicious whiskey cocktail.

I’ve been sort of getting back into alcohol lately.

It started last weekend at a party in San Francisco. I got terrifically drunk for the first time in ages and it was fantastic.

So I went ahead and bought myself a pint of whiskey yesterday on my way home from work and before the concert.

When I drove to the concert I totally scored rock star parking on the street like a block away.

I sat in my car drinking whiskey, smoking weed and listening to music until I was good and lit up.

Then I went inside the concert. It was sold out. There were lots of young people being wanton and carefree, as there should be at these things.

I was pretty fucked up, just kind of wandering around and taking it all in.

(Excuse me while I smoke another bowl. I did a bunch of lines earlier and it helped me blaze through some laundry and fueled a satisfying wank to young miss Aaralyn Barra).

The concert was great. The band sounded hot and Slug was so solid on the mic and I stood in close proximity to so many fine-ass bitches. Like crazy stripper-looking bitches.

Slug has a big problem with cocaine. He tells kids not to do it onstage and in the liner notes of his records. I think this is a very good thing. Those little fuckers really listen to dude.

Me, I’m still having my moment with the powder. It works for me. I enjoy it. What can I say?

I’m going out of town for real next week. Friday through Monday. It should be interesting to say the least.

I wonder what will happen when I actually see the fat girl. It probably depends on how fucked up I/we get. It would be nice to lick on those massive tits though. I bet her nipples are just stellar. And I have a feeling those babies are in dire need of some undivided attention.

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