Monday, August 10, 2009

come here little girl...

I want to kidnap and rape a rave chick. She'd be over 18 of course, and totally complicit in this filth, so take it easy, puritan.

I want to grab one of these little half-dressed sluts that strut around these parties with their titties and bellies and pussies and asses all hanging out and knock them out with whatever chemical it is you use to knock people out with. I'd pretend like she was fucked up from too many drugs and that I was their friend just helping them out.

I would put her in the back seat and drive her to my apartment, where I would handcuff her to the pipes under my bathroom sink.

And then ladies and gentlemen, the real fun would begin. I'd make it comfy for her by blasting techno mixtapes and keeping her high on E, blow, weed, booze, whatever. And then the initiation would begin.

*Something new to try: my new thing is finding a girl that will let me bust a nut directly into her nose. I want to shove the tip of my cock right into a nostril and fucking let 'er rip. In a perfect world she'd catch it in her throat and spit it out onto her hand before sucking it down her throat.

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