Thursday, August 6, 2009

violence, nudity, profanity---really good !!!

My sister is hilarious. She is much older than I am.

Like, old enough to be my mom older.

But that's how we roll around here.

Plus my dad was among the five most fertile humans of all-time. That guy could get a woman pregnant just by thinking about fucking her.

So my sister is now old enough to be in something of an assisted-living situation.

She's one of the most social people you'll ever meet, so it kind of makes sense.

Sis sent me an email today. It's pretty classic. She talks about her new living situation, and how she's gone about improving it:

Next month Im going to be a dj and play music two
saturdays out of the month.
Im calling it "
Back down Memory Lane" --music of the
decades.You know I have a good collection of music and Im making some more tapes.
I have music from the fifties until the present and Im taking requests that I will try to acc-
omodate. Im looking forward to it. Maybe I can get these old folks up and dancing and
having a good time. I also hope to have a few refreshments and that it all works out cool.
I belong to Netflix and I love it. I pay less than 10 dollars a month and see about 2 to 3
movies a week plus you can watch some on the computer. I looked at Cadillac Records
last night and it was better than anticipated. The 50's music was nice and Beyonce was
better than I thought she would be , too.

I just been chillin over here. My neighbor and I sit on our balconies and drink wine and
smoke weed and listen to music. She is pretty cool. Im still a night owl and stay up most
nights rather late and talk to my buddy Ben and my friend Etta. They both still work
security on midnights and I looked at alot of cable. Im watching two series that are
really good. Have you seen True Blood on hbo ?? Its pretty good. They have violence,
nudity, profanity---really good !!!

I especially love that at her age, she's still smoking weed, DJing and watching crazy shit on TV like "True Blood."

But like I said, that's how we roll.

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