Monday, August 10, 2009

Insufflation nation


I met my man at the spot tonight. Grabbed a gram of blow and an 8th of AK-47 herbal medicine.

Got home and dialed up a little something xTx squirted out recently.

Smoked a quick bowl and chilled the fuck out.

Chopped some lines and snorted up the first two.

OK hello. Now this is what I'm talking about. I am fucking HIGH. I can feel cool sensations running up and down my arms. My cock is as hard as a rock.

I read words while this slattern--what's your name again, honey?--Hillary Scott is giving it all she's got on a room full of big-dicked homies in "Orgy World 10." Yes, we're back to that one again.

This is that scary-good blow that just makes you feel goooooood. There's no sketch at all. Jesus where did HE get this shit? I gotta make sure he holds me at least a ball of this batch.

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