Thursday, August 6, 2009

nerve personals

The world is asleep today.

I think it has something to do with the holy crash override that occurred on Twitter today.

It was akin to taking away a baby’s bottle. So, so much crying!

But even though it has come back, everything is so fucking quiet today.

Is it a mass temper tantrum, and everyone is off somewhere pouting in a corner, backs turned to their computers?

Or is it that no one really cares anymore, and I’m all alone out here in this digital desert?


Once I met a woman online that came over to my apartment. I opened the door and she was almost as tall as me, and what the kids would call "fat." But to quote Bret Michaels, I found her to be 'smokin' hot.'

We smoked marijuana and made out and eventually she put my dick in her mouth, even though she said she wouldn’t. We became vicious lovers for months.

There was a summer day when I went over to her house and fucked her on her hardwood living room floor with the doors and windows wide open. An older Mexican lady saw us from the sidewalk. She stopped and watched impassively for a surprisingly long time. She never said or did anything. Just watched. At some point we just ignored her.

When I finished all over the babe's face, I noticed that the old lady was gone.

This girl was so crazy. Her only deal was that she would never do coke with me. But I wasn't fucking with blow so much back then. Besides, with a dirty girl like her, I didn't need it.

One time she wanted me to fuck her while she suspended herself in mid-air by bracing her feet on either side of a doorway. I stood on a chair and boned her from behind. Eventually she was on her knees in the bathroom where I surprised her by sticking it deep into her ass.

When we were finished, there was a smear of shit on the end of my dick.

“That’s what you get for fucking me up the ass without warning” she deadpanned. “But I like it better that way.”

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