Saturday, March 20, 2010

What really happened

It has been a week. I think that’s long enough to fully comprehend just what the fuck happened last weekend.

My trip to visit the Marijuana MILF did not go according to plan. At all.

It started out fine. She picked me up from the airport. We drove about 45 minutes back to her area. We picked up her daughter from daycare on the way to her house.

We get back to the house. She plays with the kid for a while. We go inside so the kid can eat. That’s when we go into the basement and she introduces me to the bong, a huge glass number. Next to the bong was about an ounce of homegrown marijuana. We would go through it and a lot more before the weekend was over.

The vibe was slightly weird, but nothing unexpected. It was kind of an odd situation, and would take some getting used to. Whatever.

But it didn’t. She just got weirder. Thursday night we just smoked a ton of weed . When we were getting tired, she informed me that her daughter had passed on her bed, so I’d have to sleep on the couch. OK, cool. I would go on to sleep on that couch for the rest of my stay.

Friday was more of the same. Dropped the kid off at daycare. Came back to the house and smoked a bunch of pot and talked. The conversations got kind of heavy. Life is so different for both of us since our days of fucking and fighting almost five years ago now.

Friday night was more strangeness. I sat with her while she watched almost an entire season of America’s Next Top Model. We got really, really high.

Saturday was “date night.” Fuck me. What a disaster. First I go with her to drop her kid off with her parents. The parents? Not so much. I mean, they were fine. But there is a lot of drama between this girl and her mom. So yeah, things were kind of tense.

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