Wednesday, March 10, 2010

24 Hours

So. By this time tomorrow, I’ll be in an entirely different city. I’ll have gotten up (kinda) early, gone to the airport and taken a very quick flight to get there. She’s picking me up when I land, and then driving the hour or so back to her house.

It’s a very nice house. At least that’s how it looks in pictures. It’s deep in the middle of nowhere out in the woods. What makes this house especially nice is that she always keeps it stocked with copious amounts of only the finest marijuana imaginable. Like, that craaaaazy good shit that knocks you straight on your ass after one good bong rip. And I do mean copious; she keeps enough so that she can cook with it as much as she smokes it. She’s famous for her cupcakes. She promises me that she plans on making lots of cupcakes while I’m there.

I’ll be there from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning. I don’t think we ever spent that much time together uninterrupted back when we were actively dating. Ha. But a lot has changed since those days, which are almost five years ago now. Huh. Times flies, kids. Trust me.

The biggest difference is that she’s now a bona fide MILF. As I’ve mentioned before, m’lady is now a mom.

I met her daughter once. Suuuper cute kid. Really mellow. But how could she not be, with such a legendary stoner for a mama?

All of which adds up to her, her daughter and me in a big house with a lot of weed and not a whole lot to do. There is wireless though. Color me excited.

In addition to being one of the few women I’ve ever known that smokes as much bud as I do, she’s also probably the dirtiest slut I’ve ever dated. And I say that with the utmost affection.

Her and I had nothing but raunchy sex. We’re equally perverted, so it was nothing but fun. She’s also still the only person I’ve ever fucked up the ass. It was surprisingly similar to vaginal sex. She REALLY liked it, so it was a regular part of our sexing activities. Yeah, it’s gonna be an interesting weekend, that’s for sure.

Saturday is going to be “date night.” She’s dropping her girl off with the grandmother and we’re gonna hit the big city and see what kind of adult trouble we can get into there. Knowing us, it will be the best kind.

There will be lots of sex, smoking weed and eating it, too. And I’m actually into the idea of playing house this weekend, kid and all. Maybe if I can experience what it’s like (even just for a couple of days), I’ll develop a taste for it all. Maybe.


xTx said...

cant wait to hear all about it! have too much fun!

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