Monday, May 3, 2010

I like to smoke marijuana

(I started writing this a while ago. Finally got around to finishing it. I know--big whoop)

Crazy week. Mostly still recovering from Coachella. I definitely caught something running around like a madman in the desert. On top of that I also wrenched my knee pretty good at some point. It was all totally worth it.

Last Saturday afternoon I actually got my shit together and went down to the THC Expose at the L.A. Convention Center.

Shit was trippy. It was similar to any other youth-oriented trade show type deal (think MAGIC in Vegas or ASR in San Diego). Tons of booths sprawled across the convention floor, ranging from mundane to massive. There was a wide array of freaks walking around and taking it all in (like the dude I saw with the fully tattooed face). Scads of mostly-naked “convention girls” worked the floor, handing out everything from lighters to stickers to posing for pictures with horny twentysomething dudes who will lie and tell their friends they totally fucked her. There was one who was so skinny it was kind of scary.

As expected, there was a lot of…everything. Bob Marley t-shirts, bongs, pipes, vaporizers, yet another “system-cleansing” detox drink — you know the story.

There were a few standouts. I was impressed by “Tow & Grow,” a company that specialized in “Advanced mobile hydroponics,” which are basically mobile grow rooms.

I kinda wish I’d gone with someone, though. I was super-stoned and there by myself, so after a while I was just wandering around in a haze. Someone should have suggested that I buy a new bong. This one table had mad glass for totally decent prices.

There was a chance I was gonna meet up with this one girl. But it never happened. But she did call me the next day. And that’s when things got REALLY fan-fucking-tastic...

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