Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snort the pain away

It's just weird, especially given the way that we ended. It was all so open-ended and "not the end of us, not by far." I should have smelled that for the bullshit it was. But my dumb ass totally took the words at face value. Stupidstupidstupid.

It's all right there. Pictures, funny little inside jokes (shared for all the world to see, of course), happy fun time and yay aren't we all so very happy?

Um, no.

There simply isn't enough cocaine. After tonight, I will have blown through an 8-ball in less than 72 hours. All by myself.

More, more, more. I'm actually tempted to say fuck it and grab two grams tonight instead of just one. Why the fuck not? I don't have anything to do tomorrow. I don't have a fucking job.

Ah, slow your roll, player. Dr. Feelgood isn't going anywhere. Besides, at some point you're gonna wanna call your OTHER Dr. Feelgood (the one that brings the kind buds to your door).

Yay, drugs?

1 comment:

~otto~ said...

drugs are nice

a gram is seven bucks in medellin

my word verification was "veleelin"

oh and fuck that ho

there are a million more just like her, and at least a hundred in colombia