Thursday, April 10, 2008


This is a compulsion. The deep, dark debauched sex fiend that lives inside of me is coming out more and more. Usually he comes out to play whenever I score a bag of cocaine and start doing lines by myself in the living room. After I get pretty high, it's not long before I'm scouring the free internet porn sites for good gangbang and bukkake clips.

My favorite little porn piggie of the moment is one Cody Lane. This is her looking so deliciously fuckable. The very definition of Dirty White Snow Bunny. Oh, to do a massive rail off one of her fat-ass tits... these are the things that my very dirty dreams are made of right now.

I'm hoping that by indulging these compulsions (hence this pile of bile that I'm calling a blog) I can maybe work through them and put them behind me. Finally.

I mean, I have spent a better portion of today blowing rails here in the aforementioned living room. But it was just one of those days. I had to release a little pressure, and I have yet to muster the courage to actually hook up with any of these skanks I find trolling Craig's List late at night. More about that nonsense later as well.

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